06 February, 2020

Celebrating Twenty Years of Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

April 1999 Leading Into New Communities, Inc. was incorporated. Called LINC, Inc., Frankie.
27 December, 2019

Amanda Knox, Empathy, and Perspective

LINC, Inc. will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the 6th annual Milestones Dinner,.
18 December, 2019

The LINK | News & happenings from LINC, Inc. | December 2019

A passion for compassion “When we have an opportunity to shed a light.
16 December, 2019

Kim Cook: on Amanda Knox, reentry services, and social justice advocacy

Q: What is the deep motivator for the work you do in criminal.
09 December, 2019

Second Chances By the Numbers

LINC, Inc. backs up the successful strategy of facilitating second chances with powerful.
02 December, 2019

Two Stories of Second Chances

Megan: Without LINC, I would be homeless. I would be struggling with drug.
21 November, 2019

How the School-to-Prison Pipeline Criminalizes Our Youth

Phrases like “cycle of crime” or “school-to-prison pipeline” are tossed around a lot.
20 November, 2019

The LINK | News & happenings from LINC, Inc. | November 2019

Amanda Knox to Keynote 2020 Milestones Dinner Amanda Knox, exoneree, journalist, public speaker,.
12 November, 2019

LINC: turning setbacks into comebacks

It’s no secret that formerly incarcerated individuals struggle with finding employment when they.