At a Glance

CBI Statistics at April 2024: 
  • 71 total clients served last quarter, 105 total clients served as of 4/23/2024
  • 66.2% Male, 33.8% Female
  • 30.3% Caucasian, 63.6% African American, 6% Bi/Multi-Racial.
  • Clients served ranged in age from 18-67, with the most individuals in the 38-47 years old age range.
  • An average of about 17 new clients joined the groups each month.
  • Only 5.6% of clients were Veterans
  • 76.2% of clients had histories of Substance Use Disorders.
  • 38% of clients had histories of Opioid Use Disorder with that being their primary diagnosis.
  • 76.3% of clients had histories of Mental Health diagnoses
  • On average, clients attended about 4 sessions each last quarter.
  • 15 total clients served by the employment bootcamp, 0 qualified last quarter but there are now 10 clients who have been referred this quarter who do qualify based on opioid use disorder status. 
  • 3 clients have already reported achieving gainful employment following completion of the program (out of 5 who are marked completed so far)