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LINC Anatomy is a series of Community Health Worker and Peer Support Classes

Peer Support and WRAP

Peer Support is a structured relationship where a trained peer worker or volunteer, who has gone through a personal process of recovery iwth a mental health and/or substance use challenge, assists other people with mental health and/or substance use challenges to identify ad achieve life goals. PSS is a 40 hour training course.

The Wellness Recover Action Plan (WRAP) was developed by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland. WRAP is an evidence-based practice and can be practiced by all people who live with mental health and/or substance use challenges and other issues. WRAP is a 20 hour training class.

Both PSS Training and WRAP Training must be completed before submitting your application request for Peer Support Specialist Certification.

Peer support specialists work in healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, nonprofit organization, and government agencies.

Community Health Worker

The Community Health Worker course is through Robeson Community College.

This course is desigend to provide individuals with the required knowledge, tools, and resources to become recognized as a certified Community Health Worker in North Carolina.

Community Health Workers work in healthcare and community settings, including health departments, hospitals, clinics, and faith-based organizations.