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new hanover county second chance alliance

The New Hanover County chapter of the NC Second Chance Alliance, at LINC, Inc., is part of a statewide alliance of impacted people and families, service providers like LINC, advocates, community leaders, and compassionate citizens who have gathered their resources and support to address the cause and impact of criminal records and the ensuing barriers to successful reentry. Our goal is to leverage public education, mobilization, and local and state policy reform to reduce recidivism and empower impacted men and women for successful reentry.

The Second Chance Alliance, and the network of chapters, support restoring opportunities for prosperous citizenship for North Carolinians with criminal records. Our 2019-2020 legislative agenda includes automatic expunctions and expanded eligibility, adoption of a fair chance public hiring and licensing policies, increased resources for reentry services, and expansion of local reentry councils.

For information about the New Hanover County chapter of the NC Second Chance Alliance, contact Daquan Peters, Second Chance Alliance coordinator at LINC, Inc.

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Reentry Resources

North Carolina State Reentry Resources

This site provides reentry strategies, info on voting and the “Offenders’ Friends & Family Handbook.”

National Reentry Resources

The NRRC has compiled a list of organizations and service providers who can address different reentry needs including housing, employment, mentoring, substance abuse and family reunification.

North Carolina Justice Center

This site has resources for formerly incarcerated individuals, their families and employers in North Carolina.