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Residential Re-entry Program: M.E.R.

The Residential Reentry Program at the Marvin E. Roberts (M.E.R.) Transitional Living Campusone of LINC’s flagship programs – provides transitional housing, job training, support for educational attainment, substance abuse treatment, and health and medical services.

A “strength-based” approach is utilized to support reentry by:

  • Capitalizing on the individual’s strengths

  • Providing extensive work experience and job training through LINC, Inc.’s Social Enterprises

  • Individualized case management services to increase access to substance abuse and mental health services, medical services and education services

With proper support, guidance and social networking, individuals returning from incarceration can contribute great value to the community.

Residential services

The Marvin E. Roberts Transitional Living Campus offers shelter, food and clothing in a therapeutic environment for up to 18 months for men and women, 25 and older who have been recently released from State and/or Federal prisons or local jails. The average time of residence is 6 to 12 months. The campus can accommodate up to 25 men and 20 women. The complex offers full kitchens and laundry facilities as well as an exercise room and computer labs in a structured environment which is supervised 24 hours a day. It provides a positive social network with intensive case management services for life skill development including family strengthening.

All residents participate in a minimum of 60 days of work experience and job training around the campus, and in two or more of LINC, Inc.’s social enterprises, coupled with three days a week of The Courage to Change, cognitive-behavioral, interactive journaling curriculum. Residents receive employability and entrepreneurship training towards overcoming the many barriers to employment of formerly incarcerated persons.

Case Management Services

Our individualized case management services increase access to valuable resources in the community through:

  • Short- and long-term goal setting

  • Employment opportunities

  • Job skills, interview skills, resume writing training

  • GED and post-secondary educational assistance

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health counseling

  • Medical Services

  • Mentoring

  • Success Tracking


​​Where did it start?

Marvin E. Roberts Transitional Living Campus

222 Division Drive

Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

Phone (910) 332-1132

Fax (910 332-1145

Department of Adult Correction (DAC) Housing Program

The DAC Housing Program offers community-based housing tailored for adults, primarily those aged 25 and above, seeking a structured, supportive, and secure environment for 90 days. Extension beyond the initial period may be granted for an additional 30 days upon approval from both NC DAC and LINC staff.

Requests for housing must be initiated by the respective case manager from prison or probation officer, and it serves as a last resort for individuals aged 18 and older, under probation, parole, or post-release supervision, lacking suitable housing arrangements.