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L.I.T.E. Manhood

L.I.T.E. = LINC Initiative to Educate

The L.I.T.E. Manhood Program is a structured enrichment program designed for African American males, ages 16-21, to reduce barriers in education and/or employment. The program enables youth to remain enrolled in school and avoid direct involvement with the juvenile justice system. L.I.T.E. Manhood Program serves an average of 35 youth per year.

The curriculum emphasizes:

  • Intensive case management

  • Rights of passage

  • Tutoring

  • Educational and cultural field trips

  • Weekly “reality” workshops

  • Mentoring

  • Spiritual awareness

Students experience a supportive group culture, learn appropriate leadership skills, acceptable school and community behavior, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and learn appropriate etiquette for advancement within society.

Our goal is to encourage a change in thinking that in turn influences behavior. Ultimately, through the LITE Manhood Program, LINC, Inc. is working to “break the cycle of crime.”

Thinking + Feeling = Character/Behavior/Problem

LITE Manhood Program Objectives for Youth Participants:

  • Demonstrate improved behavior

  • Increase academic success

  • Improve graduation rates

  • Reduce potential for future incarceration

  • Increase the likelihood of enrollment in post-secondary education programs

  • Demonstrate a reduction in the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Achieve improved cultural awareness through the celebration of African American pioneers
  • Avoid teen fatherhood
  • Increase end-of-grade reading scores and receive higher SAT scores

  • Enjoy increased parent/guardian involvement

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L.I.T.E. Manhood Program

801 Princess Street, Suite 103

Wilmington, North Carolina  28401

Phone (910) 332-1148

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